‘Macbeth’ with City Theatres on stage


The Istanbul City Theaters staged a premier of William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” on March 8 with an extra twist: puppets. The play will be on stage at the Harbiye Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage on March 11, 15, 16, 17 and 18 before going to the Ümraniye Stage on March 30 and April 1. The manager of the play, Ulviye Karaca, said they’d supplied another interpretation to the ancient play. This is a surrealistic presentation. It’s completely distinct when it comes to its own décor, costume, make-up and playing.”She said they contained puppets in the play too. “Here I ‘m in favor of using puppets while working on the characters with celebrities. The main reason I use puppets is the fact that the play is a surrealistic one; Lady Macbeth’s deliriums are revealed with puppets and flashbacks impersonate terrible fires are ’sed by this man. They reveal how people are seized by these terrible fires and alter their fortune adversely. There are several seconds in which it’s as if these fires that are terrible are embarrassed of their particular evil.” The play has eight characters, Karaca said. I reduced a substantial group of artists to eight using three witches, Lady Macbeth, Duncan, Banquo, just Macbeth as well as a messenger. We give the crowd the center of the play. There are a lot of symbols and metamorphoses. We believe that we’d made an excellent work; we saw it during rehearsals which were open to the general public. Later on, we’ll go abroad and on tours in Turkey.” Karaca also said the first “Macbeth,” which was translated into Turkish by Sabahattin Eyüboğlu, was three hours but that they’d reduced their performance to 75 minutes following two months of trainings. Usage of puppets “The primary topic of Macbeth is that in case you got very many dreams, you’ll drown in your blood,” said Kubilay Penbeklioğlu, who plays the character of Macbeth in the play. You’ll consistently hurt others If you’ren’t content with what you have and ask for more. I connect this topic with a really simple language.” Talking of puppets used in the play, Penbeklioğlu said: “When folks are enslaved by their dreams, puppets come into play. Karaca is our guest manager from the Ankara State Theater, and I believe she’ll make her mark thanks to this play in theatre in Istanbul. The play has many firsts that are significant and the Istanbul crowd for the very first time is seeing them. As an example, turning such an ancient work into a puppet show is a first for the City Theaters. Turkish theatre has got an important female manager. Shakespeare never loses his lyricism in this play. There are changes in fiction just.” and collage Along with Penbiklioğlu, Nurdan Kalınağa, Tuğrul Arsever, Gökçer Genç, Damla Cangül, Direnç Dedeoğlu, Mana Alkoy and Şirin Kılavuz Sevinç are the other performers in the play.