İzmir to host European Jazz Festival


The 24th European Jazz Festival is set to kick off on March 1 with a concert by Italian pianist Manuel Magrini. Considered to be among the outstanding gifts of Italian jazz, Magrini will take the stage at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center (AASSM). The festival will host the Czechoslovak Trio Otto Hejnic that is wonderful on March 4. The trio, which released three albums and performed on the world esteemed jazz stages, will present selected pieces in the concert at the AASSM of their fascinating records. Jazz vocalist, songwriter, performer, and queen of the French Chansons, Marie Mifsud, will be at the 24th İzmir European Jazz Festival with two concerts. The very first concert will probably be held on at the AASSM Little Hall. The Quintet, consisting of Marie Mifsud (sung), Adrien Leconte (drums), Victor Aubert (bass), Tom Georgel (piano) and Quentin Coppalle (flute), will present compositions from the poems of French writer, poet, musician, vocalist Boris Vian at the İzmir French Cultural Center on March 9. Germany’s intercultural leader music group Masaa will perform with their specific job that intertwines Arabian poetry and modern jazz in the occasion. The group will present new classics, jazz, world music, pop, asian sounds and Arabic poetry on March 10. Artur Dutkiewicz, among the finest jazz pianists that Poland has raised, will be followed by Michal Baranski (bass) and Lukasz Zyta (drums) at a concert on March 11. The Artur Dutkiewicz Threesome will present pieces of their “Prana” job. Matthias Spillmann – Mats-Upward, set up by the Swiss trumpet artist Matthias Spillmann with alto saxophonist Reto Suhner, pianist Marc Méan, bass player Raffaele Bossard, and drummer Dominic Egli and described as “the most significant occasion of Swiss Jazz,” will perform on March 14. Mats-Upward will captivate hearts with their job “The Nature Of The Blues,” which uniquely combines modern and historical stuff. The Sorin Zlat Quartet will take the stage on March 15 with their record “Endurance,” featuring first compositions, re-orchestrated standards from a number of the jazz greats like John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, and Thelonious Monk, and Romanian folklore rewritten on jazz beats. Ozan Musluoğlu and “His Best Friends,” composed of the leading names which come to mind when discussing Turkish jazz, will perform the closing concert of the festival on March 18. Alongside the concerts, the festival will even host an exhibit of jazz workshops, jazz posters, a film screening as well as a seminar.