Collections in Turkey ( Extrajudicial )

Turkish Debt Collection Agency  | How we collect debts in Turkey, out of Court cases :

The very first period, upon which the intervention of debt recovery is based the most significant, finalized in stimulating the debtor to control their duty, through solicitation by qualified employees.

  1. Immediate intervention and an organized effort of debt retrieval to excite the debtor to the settle pending debts
  2. Qualified personnel, with a background within the field of bookkeeping and law, that reduces potential attempts on behalf of the debtor to subtract himself from his duties
  3. Use of an internal investigative arrangement for the obtainment of advice applicable to the debtor
Registered Collection Letter
Notification sent to debtor, deadline to pay is 7 days. Copy via email and text message.
Payment received =  Case closed
Phone call via Turkish Collection Manager
Explanation of the debt to Debtor
Local Agent intervention
Field manager contacts the debtors
Payment received =  Case closed
Payment received =  Case closed
Registered Payment Reminder
Last friendly attempt. Copy via fax, text message, IVR call in Turkish
Case placed with Legal Department
Credit bureau Reporting warning and Legal payment demand sent
Payment received =  Case closed
End of amicable stage
Report to Client
Asset check and legal steps preparation


Turkey is a difficult country for debt collections, earlier you will contact us more chances you will have to have your monies recovered. Contact us and we will get back to you the same day.