Cameron holds firm on GBP1.7bn EU bill

David Cameron says the UK WOn’t pay a GBP1.7bn funding surcharge to the EU in full as a compromise deal on staggering the fees is put forward. Read More

Tax trial supported for Spain royal

A Spanish court drops money laundering charges against the king’s sister, Princess Cristina, but presses on with a tax fraud prosecution. Read More

Celebrity of the Guitar, de Plata, Is Dead at 93

Mister. P Plata, considered a crowd-pleaser in the place of an observer of the official routine customs that were music’s, picked his unique type of play up like a child that was small. Read More

Soft Collections AND Legal Collections

We have the Team for Soft Collections & for Legal Collections Collection, mediation, litigation through to recovery.  Seamless progression, no matter the country, we are with you. We work in 25 languages since 1998.

International Debt Collections

Successful international debt collection requires a team of local collectors who can work on the ground as well as a legal team that is well-versed with the laws governing the country. Various combinations of methods and techniques may be required in different countries. There are only a few debtcollection agencies that have this expertise in International Debt Collections such as …